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I've seen your future, and it isn't pretty

Maybe I was a little too hard on Freddy Garcia. Maybe the White Sox offense felt like making him look smart. Maybe these Sox just aren't good enough. Whatever the reason, the Sox failed to put together a solid offensive attack for the 7th straight game.

Kenny Rogers, a pitcher with a reputation for poor performance in the second-half which he's continued this season with a 5.97 ERA, toyed with Sox hitters, allowing just 4 hits and pitching over errors in 3 separate innings on his way to becoming the 4th straight starting pitcher to allow 1 earned run or less against the Sox.

The offense that I defended just 4 games ago, when Freddy called them out, has fallen on hard times, averaging under 3 runs per game over their last 8. I think we can all concede, with this pitching staff, that offensive attack isn't going to get us anywhere.

  • Jim Thome's wrist is sapping some of his power, turning would-be-homeruns into doubles and flyouts.
  • Joe Crede is in '03-'05 mode, popping up every pitch he sees to the right side.
  • Scott Podsednik has been brutal since the break. Pablo Ozuna hasn't been much better. And since neither of the can play defense, it's a mystery to me why Rob Mackowiak isn't seeing extensive time in LF.
  • Paul Konerko was the Tigers MVP tonight.
  • Juan Uribe? I don't know what to say. I could go on...
* * * * *
When the Sox closed July at 10-15 in a 4-way race for the Wild Card, I didn't really like their post-season chances. 21 games later however, during which the Sox have posted just a 11-10 record, they sit atop the Wild Card by a half game. Boston's collapse against the Yankees, and Francisco Liriano's wonky elbow have laid waste to my prediction that the wild card would go to the team who was able to post a .700 record down the stretch.

With even a league average starting staff, the Sox would running away with the Wild Card. Boston would have been out the back of the rear view. They would have been able to play .500 ball with The Piranhas, (They're 1-5 since the break.) keeping them at bay. They'd be looking at a 4 or 5 game lead right now.

When you myopically look at only the Sox and their problems, you'd be a fool to call them Wild Card favorites. When you step back and take a look at the other clubs though, you see that they all have problems, they all have holes. These Sox aren't going to go deep into the playoffs, but they've still got a good shot to win the battle of attrition down the stretch and make the playoffs, even with their pitching staff in tatters.