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White Sox Quote of the Day: Ozzie Guillen

Ozzie on umpire Dan Iassogna's strike zone yesterday:

[Scot Gregor]

"You look at couple of pitches, that pitch to Konerko, it was embarrassing. And it wasn't the only one."

On arguing with umpires:

"You can't do (bleep) because they have all the power. The more you talk, the more suspensions, the more money they take away from you and you have to shut the (bleep) up and can't do (bleep). That's it. If you see those pitches, exactly those pitches, he called on Konerko, that was embarrassing."

On the prospect of being fined/suspended for these comments:

"I'm going to do everything in my power to protect my players because they're the ones that made me better. Umpires don't make me look good. My players are going to fight for me."

Iassogna has been criticized for his strike zone numerous times in the past:

"If you want to do that, do it both sides, I can live with that. Let them compete. You say, 'Let them compete,' and you get kicked out of the game. I don't know what to say."