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White Sox vs. Twins -- Vazquez vs. Radke

Javier Vazquez (11-8, 5.13) vs. Brad Radke (12-9, 4.35)

The White Sox haven't won a series since their sweep of Detroit at USCF two weeks ago. Since then, they've gone just 5-6 with a total of 4 quality starts, of which, Jon Garland has pitched 3. This is the sad state of the Sox rotation. If Garland doesn't pitch, you better hope the offense has a good night.

And yet, I'm strangely confident heading into tonight's showdown with Minnesota. Brad Radke, missing part of rotator cuff, pitched well in each of his last two starts against the Sox. Meanwhile, Javier Vazquez has just one quality start in 6 career games against the Twins.

Tonight will be his second. Go Sox!