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White Sox Quotes of the Day: Javier Vazquez, Ozzie Guillen

Javy wasn't happy being pulled on the 6th inning on Friday:

"I want to pitch six, seven, eight innings. I know sometimes I don't get the job done, but [Friday] I felt pretty good. I didn't think I was in trouble. What's the worst that can happen there? A home run and you're tied 3-3 in the sixth. That's the worst. If I get the [third out], maybe I can go eight or nine innings." (1)


"He was watching a different game than I was watching. Every ball that got hit in the fifth inning was a bullet. I was protecting the lead. Not Javy's lead, the White Sox's lead. The game will dictate how I control my pitchers. I have a job to do. It's not to please people; it's to win games." (1)
"I always give my starters the best chance to win. I watch their body language. We can come back from a two-run [deficit], but not a six- or eight-run [deficit]. The game will dictate how I handle the pitchers." (2)
"I saw the body language on the mound and I think the body language was telling me I should not leave him there. He was struggling from the beginning of the game. Yeah, he threw five shutout [innings], but he had people on base every inning." (3)

More Javy:

"If you ask me if I understand it, I don't. Really. I'm a pitcher and I'm out there every five days. You have to look at the person and what the guy has that day. You can't look at the past. It's the past. I don't care about the past. Somebody else does, but I don't. I'm about the present and the future. ... I don't think anything goes through my mind, because I thought I was throwing the ball good [on the 6th inning]. People panic, but I don't panic when I'm on the mound. I felt good. That's the bottom line. I don't think I was in trouble last night at all. There are still a lot of games, and I can have a really good year with six more starts. I'm looking forward to them." (4)

And more Ozzie:

"I don't want to take the ball away from him, because the last thing I want to do is bring in the bullpen during the sixth inning. It was not an easy decision. One thing, show me you want to stay out and you want to have the ball. But when they start to hit line drives hard, I start worrying about it." (4)

Here's Phil Arvia on Friday's game:
"We learned Brandon McCarthy is plenty stretched out for the rotation if Guillen decides to give Javy Vazquez a jump-start on his future career as a setup man." (5)

Can Javy's statements make Ozzie take that decision now?

(1) Dave van Dyck (2) Toni Ginnetti (3) Nick Pietruszkiewicz (4) Scott Merkin (5) Phil Arvia