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White Sox Quote of the Day: Jose Contreras

Jose on Yulieski Gourriel (2B/3B) who according to the Bogota Times has fled Cuba and could land to the MLB team that bids the highest for him:

[Mark Gonzales]

"He's not as good as [Omar] Linares, but he's pretty good. And he's only 22, so he has a bright future." Linares is regarded as one of the best hitters in Cuban history. Contreras said Gourriel has more power than Seattle shortstop Yuniesky Betancourt. "If things go right for him, he's going to be a good player."

Update [2006-8-4 14:51:21 by thewizardsofoz]: (Sorry, I had to leave all of a sudden and left the entry unfinished)

Couple points:

* 22 probably means 25!

* Do you see Kenny bidding for him if he becomes available?