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White Sox Quote of the Day: Ken Williams

Kenny on Dustin Hermanson who completed his 30-day rehab assignment at Charlotte:

[Joe Cowley]

"Right now we don't have room for him. There is no fit right now. It's not fair to each one of these guys here to remove them when there are questions with [Hermanson] pitching back-to-back days. Like I told Dustin, because the road he's traveled has been such a tough one, if he desires, we can either allow him to go somewhere else right now where he can pitch, or we can do the 15 days on the DL again and get him back up in 15 days and bring him up on Sept. 1 when the rosters expand. He's earned that for what he did for us last year. He's earned at least that."
Update [2006-8-6 13:10:13 by thewizardsofoz]:

[Joe Cowley]

After discussing it with the organization, injured reliever Dustin Hermanson (back) decided that he would remain on the disabled list and take his chances that the Sox will find somewhere for him to pitch in a couple of weeks, with the hopes of then being a September call-up.