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Open 'Anything-Goes' Thread

I'm sick of staring at the gamethread of a baseball game that we probably should have won, so needing to get that off my mind, I figured I'd open an open thread to discuss anything you want.

Just getting some of my thoughts out of the way...

  • Yesterday's game was just another depressing game in the 2006 season. It was just one of the many games this year that, if we don't make the playoffs, you can point to and say, "the Sox probably should have been able to put this one away. The offense, outside of Tadahito Iguchi, was awful. Then again, I thought that C.C. Sabathia also looked really good, too; this wasn't Julian Tavares dominating our lineup.
  • Saturday's bullpen failures of Brandon McCarthy, Boone Logan, and Dustin Hermanson came back to bite the Sox yesterday. That game forced Mike MacDougal and Matt Thorton to pitch in a game that they shouldn't have pitched in. It would have been much nicer seeing MacDougal out there in the ninth yesterday rather than Brandon McCarthy and Sean Tracey.
  • It's hard for me to get too angry at McCarthy, although I'm sure I will be looked at as a fanboy. It's well known that McCarthy hasn't taken well to the bullpen. To me, that's fine; he's been a starter for the majority of his life, and not everybody can go Jonathan Papelbon route of bullpen dominance.
  • I don't know what to say about the dreaded West Coast Trip™ that starts tonight. It's well known that the Sox don't seem to have good results when playing out there. Even the best White Sox team of our lifetime, the 2005 Sox, went just 4-6 playing at Anahiem and Oakland. This trip is supposed to worry me, yet for some strange, unexplainable reason, I feel more comfortable heading into this week than I did heading into the KC & Tampa Bay series'.
  • On a lighter note, how did your football team do this weekend? The Bears looked great, but then again, I don't know if it was more the Bears looking good or Green Bay just being a terrible football team.