Remaining Schedule w/ projected starters

Pretty self-explanatory.

Gray = Road game

I didn't really look at the projected starters for those outside the pennant race. There's just too much uncertainty in those rotations with the September call-ups.

The last time we saw Cleveland in the 4-game series at USCF, they bookended the series with Lee and Sabathia. We'd have to be pretty unlucky to catch both of them in this series, which means plan on seeing both.

Against Seattle, we only have King Felix to worry about, though we have beaten him every time we've seen him. I'd expect Buehrle to face Wasburn on the 23rd, because that's just how things work out.

Because we have an off-day the day before the final series of the season, there should be an extra starter available in each game. For instance, Buehrle is the projected starter in game 1, but Garcia should be available out of the pen; Garcia is the projected starter in game 2, but Garland and Vazquez should be available out of the pen, Garland is the projected starter in Game 3, but Vazquez and Contreras should be available out of the pen.

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