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White Sox Quotes of the Day: Ken Williams, Ozzie Guillen, Ken 'The Hawk' Harrelson, Brian Anderson

Ozzie thinks the Sept. 9 win prevented him from using the bullpen as he would like in the Oakland Series. Kenny doesn't agree:

[Toni Ginetti]

"I won't look at a game that happened a week ago as an excuse for what happened on the weekend [in Oakland]. We got out-pitched, out-hit and out-played. It happens a lot on the West Coast."
Kenny also didn't like the way the team approached the Big Hurt in the past weekend:

[Scott Merkin]

"Suffice to say, I wasn't very happy with the plan we had against him. We, above anybody, should know how to pitch to him. But it's over and done with. You have to tip your hat to Frank for rising up to a big game for his team and the occasion."

Hawk's thoughts:

[Chris DeLuca]

"This team is one of the biggest underachievers I've seen. They don't have what we had last year -- that killer instinct. ... This team, when we take the lead, I don't like it because they seem to sit back. I'd rather see the other team take the lead first. ... We are playing just good enough to lose. ... We just gave that club [the A's] three games. Last year, we didn't beat ourselves once. You could see they wanted it more than we did. It's past disappointing, it's frustrating. Now I'm [ticked] off."

Ozzie isn't happy with seasoned veteran Brian Anderson:

[Scott Merkin]

"Am I happy with Brian? Well, not really. I thought he would be better, at least give me better at-bats. I didn't expect him to hit .350, but I expected him to give me better at-bats."
Like Pods.
And more on BA's winter ball plans:

[Joe Cowley]

"I'm going to go there for a month and work on a better approach to my ballgame. I told Razor I would like to work on bunting guys over, but at the same time if there's a man on and less than two and we need to score some runs, getting him in. I want to work on my drag bunting, work on the aspect of stealing bases. Because down there I won't give a [bleep] if I get hosed trying to steal. I want it so when I get back here next year I can steal 20-25 bags.
So, is it speed over power?
I think the home runs will come with experience,'' Anderson said. ''I think I'm big enough, strong enough that those will come. But I think earlier this year I wasted a lot of at-bats worrying about that. I like the approach I have right now. I don't care if I hit home runs. I don't care if I have a home run the rest of the season. I'm confident, and I want to carry that over to next season."