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White Sox vs. Tigers -- Garland vs. Bonderman

Jon Garland (17-5, 4.30) vs. Jeremy Bonderman (12-8, 4.14)

Here's some different scenarios for you, keeping an eye on Minnesota @ Boston (Boof Bonser (5-5, 4.52) vs. Curt Schilling (14-7, 4.13))

Sox Win, Twins Win
Twins ---
Tigers .5 GB; WC Leader
Sox 4.5 GB; 4 GB WC

Sox Lose, Twins Win
Tigers ---
Twins .5 GB; WC Leader
Sox 6.0 GB; 5.5 GB WC

Sox Lose, Twins Lose
Tigers ---
Twins 1.5 GB; WC Leader
Sox 6 GB; 4.5 GB WC

Sox Win, Twins Lose
Tigers ---
Twins .5 GB; WC Leader
Sox 4 GB; 3.5 GB WC

Guys who we can expect in the lineup tonight that have done well against Bonderman are Crede (.400) and Cintron (.357). Will Ryan Sweeney or Jerry Owens get a start in left field with these awesome BAA from our left fielders? Pods (.111 in 18 AB), Mack (.167 in 6 AB), Pablo (.000 in 3 AB). Gload has two hits in six at-bats, but it'd be way too logical to try him in left field.

I'm probably surprising Cheat by posting my one story every 6 months, but, hey, it's boring in Iowa.