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Freddy says "they're all big games now"

I've been avoiding writing anything lately, because I think I read somewhere that it was bad luck to write an obituary before the obituee (yeah, I made up a word) was officially dead.

I was almost hoping for another loss on Tuesday night, as it would have, for all intents and purposes, officially removed the Sox from the playoffs. They're listed at about 3 percent to win the wild card, and a loss would have had them around 1 percent. 1/33 vs. 1/100 is a huge swing in the odds. Alas, they postponed the inevitable for another day, giving us more questions in the process, mainly, 'is this what we can expect going forward from Split Finger Freddy?'

The most interesting development of the last two weeks is Garcia's sudden effectiveness. There's no doubt in my mind that he was on his way out of town just two weeks ago. Was 3 starts enough to take him off the chopping block? What if he adds two more quality starts in his final outings of the year? Do you still ship him out? Do you get creative and move Buehrle, who should have more value, instead?