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And so it ends

There will be no joy in Soxville. The 2006 White Sox have grounded out. Into an inning ending double play. Or so it seems, at least.

The White Sox had dug themselves a hole. They needed to be perfect in their final 13 games to make the playoffs. OK, maybe not perfect, but they certainly had to be perfect against the Tigers and Twins. Instead they dropped 2 of 3 to the tigers, with the only runs in the series coming on the HR, leaving the 6-2 loss Wednesday as a season-ender.

I thought it was going to be easy to sit down and discuss the season once it was a fait accompli, but it's not getting any easier. The kids should be seeing some heavy playing time starting tomorrow. First in line, Josh Fields. Joe Crede hasn't had a hit in a week (no exaggeration) while he's grounded into 5 double plays. Let him rest his back. The only reason to let him play is for personal glory, and we don't do that around here anymore.

I'll be around more than I have been in the past week, but I won't get heavily involved in the '07 team discussions until we've played a full 162. After all, we'll need something to talk about in October.