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Ozzie Guillen lives in an alternate reality

No recap. You saw the game. The Royals, perhaps trying to return the favor, handed the game over as they are known to do. I thought I would focus on some ridiculous quotes instead.

"Why you play Mackowiak?" Guillen asked. "Well, we've been playing Mackowiak since the beginning of the season. We are not going to change anything. One thing about it is if I start changing the way we play all year long, they start to panic. I'm not panicking. I will go with the guys I trust. We go with the guys we've had all year long and, hopefully, they perform well."
South Side Sox Translation: I'm a stubborn sonofabith who refuses to admit when I'm wrong. I haven't learned anything from watching Rob Mackowiak's admitted circuitous routes in the outfield, or from watching Scott Podsednik bury our offense with taken third strikes while batting under .150 in the first inning. I don't care what I said before, It's my team, and I intend to run it into the ground my way.
* * * * *

I stand by my assertion yesterday that Ryan Sweeney and Rob Mackowiak will see exactly zero starts in LF before the Twins clinch the wild card.