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Kenny Williams backs Uribe

Expect a bunch of State of the Sox type articles to be appearing in a sports section near you over the weekend, as Williams reportedly held court with the beat writers detailing his general off-season plans, most intriguing (to me, anyways) were his comments that seem to echo what I wrote just a few days ago about Uribe.

"I'll tell you this, Juan Uribe catches the ball as good as any shortstop in the league," Williams said. "The people who are our fans may not understand that, because they watch only us. Well, I watch everyone.

"He makes plays that other guys can't make. We won a championship with Juan Uribe at shortstop. He's driven in 70 some-odd runs at the bottom of our order. Do we want more consistency in terms of getting on base and batting average and all that? Absolutely. Who doesn't?

"Can I go out there and reasonably get somebody better than Juan Uribe?" Williams added. "Well, it's my job to explore every angle, and I'll do that. It's going to take one [heck] of a player to remove Juan Uribe. If we didn't have him last year, we wouldn't be wearing these [World Series] rings. I think he's undervalued."

Kenny Williams has turned into one of the best General Managers in baseball. His presence as the top decision maker in the White Sox front office makes it much easier to ignore some of Ozzie's quotes. A few years ago, I never thought I would be able to make that statement with a straight face.