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White Sox Quotes of the Day: Jermaine Dye, Ozzie Guillen

JD felt some "tightness" in his back during yesterday's batting practice. He played in the game but left on the 7th inning with what he described as "back spasms":

[Scott Merkin]

"Just one swing in my last at-bat, I felt it a little bit more. But other than that, it stayed the same, really. It's achy, spasmy. It's real tight as I walk."

Ozzie says Jermaine ain't gonna play tonight:

"[Jermaine] got stiff late in the game and asked me to get him out, and we did. I don't think it's that serious, but he's not playing tomorrow."

but that doesn't mean Ross Gload will start in Dye's place:

"Gload is the best pinch-hitter from the bench, and having [Juan] Uribe and [Brian] Anderson struggle, the guy I want from the bench is Gload," Guillen said. "I might play Sweeney in right field, but we will try to figure it out."