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White Sox @ Red Sox -- Vazquez vs. Gabbard

Javier Vazquez (11-8, 4.98) vs. Kason Gabbard (0-3, 6.35)

The Red Sox are a team that's fallen from the wild card race as seemingly their entire roster suffered through injuries.

The White Sox are a team that's about to fall from the wild card race as a number of players suffer injuries (disclosed and undisclosed). Jermaine Dye will not play (back). Bobby Jenks is probably unavailable (hip). Dustin Hermanson is here though, ready to throw an inning with his 85MPH fastball, if needed. Jim Thome still has hamstring and wrist issues.

Also Ryan Sweeney will get his first taste of major league action tonight, though in completely the wrong situation. Sweeney had a sub .700 OPS against lefties at Charlotte, yet his first major league at-bats will be against a lefty.