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White Sox vs. Indians -- Buehrle vs. Lee

Mark Buehrle (12-11, 4.71) vs. Cliff Lee (11-10, 4.63)

The Sox faced Lee 4 times in the first 9 weeks of the season, but haven't seen him since. Lee has struggled with the Sox, posting a 7.04 ERA on his career against the pale hose.

Mark Buehrle left the Sox in Boston and returned to Chicago for an MRI on his back. He was cleared to play, but not much is being said about the injury. He appears to have rebounded from his tough stretch with 4 quality starts in his last 5 outings.

Ozzie is NOT PANICKING! This line-up shakeup is completely unrelated to panicking. Pablo Ozuna starts at 3B, for more offense, you know. Rob Mackowiak in LF! And batting 6th! But there's a lefty on the hill. Mackowiak-Anderson-Dye in the OF is a step in the right direction, but neither Mack or Anderson have been able to hit LHP on their careers.