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MRI: Buehrle fine... Indians: 'Buehrle sucks'

The White Sox have dropped 6 of their last 8 games, yet have lost just one game in both the Wild Card and AL Central standings. The race for October isn't much of a race, it's more a battle of attrition. And even still, the Sox can't pick up any ground on the competition.

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I'm sure it will be mentioned on the sports talk shows in the morning, but probably won't make the morning papers; the White Sox and Cubs both played at home on Thursday and the Sox outdrew the northsiders by 7,000 fans. I bring this up because, not only do I have no recollection of the last time this happened, but the Sox are trying to claim the less than 35K who showed up to watch Mark Buehrle throw batting practice as a sellout. We know better. Just because you give away 4,000 tickets for free doesn't make it a sell out. The Sox are rather generous with their freebies this year, and seem to be using them drive up their 'sellout' count, which is now over 40.

I honestly don't know why it bothers me. 35K is a respectable number for a Thursday night after school has started. I don't really see the need to drive an artificial record that is already inflated because the park has a smaller capacity than in years past. I haven't heard anyone else take them to task for trying to cook the books, and I didn't have anything nicer than that to say about the game, so...