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Bobby Jenks loses 25 pounds, still fat


"I'm down about 25 pounds right now, but there's no set limit," Jenks said of his offseason weight loss. "I just want to come into camp ready to go. It has to do with both my health and my conditioning. In the long run, this will be more beneficial.

"It wasn't that I was overeating," Jenks said. "I was just putting the wrong things in my body. I had to learn that there were different types of meat besides a New York-cut steak.

"And there's a lot of different ways to prepare your food. It hasn't been a huge change necessarily, just a lot more vegetables. Basically, I can't get enough of eating anything green."


"Yeah, I lost some weight, but one thing they have to realize is this is my body and this is who I am," Jenks said. "I'm never going to look like some male model and get down to 220."