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Uribe's court date moved to January 5th

It's telling that the best English language coverage of the Juan Uribe incident has routinely come from a blogspot domain. The local outlets just don't seem to care. Just yesterday, I took Mike North to task for neglecting to ask Kenny Williams about the situation 24 hours after Uribe's scheduled court date. (I didn't expect that type of questioning from North, who instead tried to get Williams to trash departing or current players not named Podsednik.)

So thanks to Susan at XM MLB Chat for relentlessly listening to the radio while scouring Spanish language newspapers so that she can toss them into the babel fish blender.

Uribe's new court date is about 16 hours away. Check back here or at Susan's site this weekend for more info. Or you can wait for the Trib to pick it up sometime next week.