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Uribe news: Not.Good.

Still no English Language articles to forward, but Yahoo did give us an indication on how things went inside the Dominican courtroom today with this picture caption.

Chicago White Sox shortstop Juan Uribe, center, leaves the Court after appearing on a shooting case in San Cristobal, Dominican Republic, Friday, Jan.5, 2007. Uribe was questioned along with his brother and a friend following a shooting in October that wounded a Dominican farmer in the coastal city of Juan Baron. Uribe said that he may sit out the 2007 season after a judge ordered him to make twice-monthly court appearances.

Update [2007-1-5 16:59:28 by The Cheat]: Uribe speaks:

"I am going to decide if I am playing in the major leagues or not this year. It looks very ugly to be accused of something. But first I am going to resolve this and then I will go to the major leagues."