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Uribe Update: SS says he WILL play in '07

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Juan Uribe (via ESPN Deportes)

"I'm confident that this will clear up soon and will not affect my plans to be on time to the Sox camp from day one...

"This Monday will be key in the case because the accuser is going to present the alleged witnesses against me. I'm innocent, so I'm sure that nobody can testify that they saw me in an event where I wasn't present...

"When [it] all happened, I was at home talking to my father. There are a bunch of people that can corroborate my version. Nobody saw me [at] that place during the shooting...

"Better yet, the Dominican police found out that my gun was not discharged, and the paraffin tests on me were also negative...

"I'm innocent and I will prove that in court. I hope that this can be solved very soon to [clear] my name, and my family can relax."

White Sox officials are confident that Uribe will be cleared in time for spring training. I'm still holding my breath, however. I don't trust that Dominican farmer one bit.

Update [2007-1-7 0:9:18 by The Cheat]: Williams sounds similarly cautious, going so far as to say that should Uribe be unable to play, the shortstop job is Cintron's.

"Very simply, if it turns out he is in more trouble than we originally thought, decides not to report, or is distracted and can't play at a championship level, Alex will take his job."
The final line of the article makes it sound like Williams doesn't have any more info on the case than do we.