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Blame Jon Garland for Carmona's success

[Boston Herald]

The lanky righty re-emerged in the big leagues after a failed closer experiment and was immediately introduced to video, which would change the way he looked at things.

"There was actually a video comparison to him and (White Sox starter) Jon Garland, two guys with similar type action, although (Carmona) had better velocity, and similar bodies," Farrell said. "(Carmona) is very much a visual type learner, so for him to be able to see that on film and get an idea how his delivery needs to be finished, that to me was the turning point for him."

I don't remember what Carmona looked like on the mound last season, and Jon Garland isn't the first person I think of when I see his current delivery, but you can see some resemblance in the way they finish. Carmona's delivery is quicker, more violent, but for the most part he finishes under control and in a good fielding position.

In the linked video, he has a Garland-like finish to all but one of his pitches, a blazing fastball strikeout of A-Rod. I suspect that's what he looked like most of last season.

Surprisingly, the White Sox didn't have too much trouble with Carmona this season. He had only one quality start against them.