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Second Season :: Round 2 :: Day 6 -- Greg Walker edition

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Greg Walker is internationally famous for his work!

From the site of Danny Richar's Winter Ball team in the Dominican via Google Translation:

Initially, the batting coach of Medias Blancas Gary Walker played just wanted to see how Danny Richard. The waiting occurred several weeks problematic for the rookie second baseman, but Richard has transformed into one of the best hitters in Chicago in recent weeks.

Richard, acquired in an exchange on June 16 from the Diamondbacks for outfielder Aaron Cunningham, to hit .346 with 14 hits and 21 extrabases scored in his first 32 matches with the team from Charlotte in Triple A.

It was uploaded on July 28 and went 3-2 against the tiles, including a simple front of the Toronto ace Roy Halladay in his first turn in the largest. But Walker did not want to make any immediate change.

Richard fell into a slump and just to hit .174 in his first 16 games. However, never lost confidence and kept the patience of a veteran.

"At no time I saw him get to the bottom of the banking and feel penalty itself," said Walker. "I saw a little annoying and a bit frustrated, but never saw it feeling sorry for himself. I saw that this guy has a lot of talent. "

"At first I was trying to do too much and I got a lot of pressure," said Richard. "Now I am letting the ball come to me. I am hitting more toward the center and toward the band contrary."

Link to the original article.

UPDATE: Here's the real translation of the penultimate paragraph (in the above quote) from user boyonthedock:

"At no time did I see him get to rock bottom and pity himself. He was a little bothered and a little frustrated, but I never saw him feel shameful of himself. I saw that this man has much talent."