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Second Season :: Round 2 :: Day 7 -- OBP edition

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Who was Walker hanging with on the team meetings in Arizona?

Walker, meanwhile, still has the utmost confidence in the powerful middle of his attack, namely Paul Konerko, Jermaine Dye and Jim Thome, but knows the table-setters in front of this trio have to be more consistent to present greater run-scoring opportunities.

"We still have good pieces, and we have very talented guys who are still producing," said Walker, who mentioned that some of these key cogs had off years, but still finished with solid statistics. "It's not like baseball feels like these guys are done.

"If I had to point to one thing, we need more on-base percentage in front of them. The key to our team offensively is getting the first two guys on base, but those first two slots have been sticking points since 2005. We either need to get better with existing players or new people."

In other news,
  • Scot Gregor wants more than Bill Hall to trade Jon Garland. He, also, says to forget Rowand or Hunter but that the Sox may look at Carl Crawford or Michael Bourn.
  • Ted Berg takes a look on Japanese pitchers (from MLBTR).


  • Barry Rozner thinks Jerry Reinsdorf could try to get A-Rod because he wants to win and put people on the seats. Yeah, look on the current season. And Gene Wojciechowski says Reinsdorf "has been known to pay top dollar to the game's top talent." Ehhh, has he seen our drafts?
  • Some sane, grounded and logical analysis: Jim looks at acquiring Bill Hall and Coco Crisp.
  • And Baltimore sought permission from the Sox to interview director of player development Alan Regier.