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Second Season :: Round 2 :: Day 8 and 9 -- Run & bunt guru edition

Soon to been officially announced 3rd-base coach Jeff Cox has impressed Greg Walker:

"Jeff Cox brings a lot of energy and focus on the baseball Ozzie wants to manage, things like baserunning and being aggressive. There's going to be more of an emphasis on that part of our game. After meeting him and listening to him talk, he's going to make a difference on our team. That's an area we missed out on, in that we were not a good baserunning team. He prides himself i[n] that, sort of a baserunning and bunting guru."
Get ready to run and bunt!
In other news,
  • Juan Nieves (AAA-Charlotte's pitching coach) is the new Sox bullpen coach.
  • Nate Silver looks at Pitcher Abuse Points. Dust-y in the wind.
  • Tangotiger calculates the homefield advantage of every team since 1994.
  • Yankees to go after The Legend?