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Ticket sales will be going up next year

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John Sickels is reviewing his Crystal Ball predictions. Here's the John Danks entry:

Crystal Ball: 14 starts, 72 innings, 73 hits, 52 runs, 48 earned, 14 homers, 46 walks, 69 strikeouts, 2-8, 6.02.

Reality: 26 starts, 139 innings, 160 hits, 92 runs, 85 earned, 28 homers, 54 walks, 109 strikeouts, 6-13, 5.50.

Comparison: Normalized for 139 innings, the CB shows 141 hits, 28 homers, 89 walks, 133 strikeouts, 4-15. Basically I don't think this was a bad projection. His control was better than expected, but he was more hittable than expected as well.


Meet the newest member of the ticket sales dept.: 23-year-old Holland, MI native Kelli Naber.

Ticket sales, wiz? Yes. White Sox news aren't around. Cheat neither.

In other news,