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Second Season :: Round 3 :: Day 1 -- Crazy stuff edition

Ozzie says expect crazy stuff this spring:

"I'm tired (of) playing station to station,'' Sox manager Ozzie Guillen said Tuesday. "I'm tired to have to hit 200 home runs to get something going. I'm tired (of) striking out 700 times.'' ... Guillen isn't blaming Shines for the White Sox' poor offensive showing this season. He just thinks Cox is better suited to get the club back to playing "small ball.''

Guillen said Cox' impact will be felt in spring training, when the White Sox will have a field reserved for situational hitting and baserunning. And the manager said every Sox player, including Jim Thome, Paul Konerko and Jermaine Dye, will use the field. Guillen doesn't want his big three to start laying down bunts, but he does expect better results in clutch-hitting situations.

"You're going to see a lot of crazy stuff in spring training,'' Guillen said. "Hit-and-run when it's not a hit-and-run situation, bunting when it's not a bunting situation. Spring training is when you get mentally prepared.'' The White Sox appeared to go through the motions in spring training last year, and the lackadaisical effort spilled over into the regular season. While stopping short of putting a "boot'' in front of next spring's camp, Guillen said the little things will matter. "The time they're going to spend there will be quality time," Guillen said. "And we're going to be watching like a hawk."

Ozzie also wants a backup SS:
Guillen was less definitive about the team's off-season shopping list, which likely will include a leadoff hitter. "We need a backup playing shortstop," Guillen said, which could mean that Alex Cintron could be dealt or not tendered a contract by Dec. 12. "Right now the decision between [Juan] Uribe and someone else we don't know yet. We want Uribe to lose some weight and show up in shape."
if the Torpedo Boat has to "show up in shape" doesn't that make him likely to be back? You can't show up [in shape] if you're not there.
In other news,
  • The Phillies asked Gooch to re-sign and play 3B. He denied so he won't be playing there next year.
  • USS Mariner says sign Bartolo this winter.
  • BTB's Mike Pindelski looks back on the Lee-Pods trade.
  • Bill Veeck's son, Mike Veeck, the man behind "Disco Demolition night," says there isn't any wackiness in baseball promos today.