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Boras: It's my season now. NL, you suck!

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Only Scott Boras, Scott Boras representing Alex Rodriguez, could be so self-important as to feel the need to make the foregone conclusion of the A-Rod opt-out official with an announcement fed to the press during game four of the World Series. Nobody is surprised that another Boras client is looking for his two-in-the-bush. I fail to see the need for an announcement. During the World Series. Even if it was the least exciting post-season in history. Those two deserve each other.

* * * * *

Another move which has seemingly been written on the wall for a couple weeks appears to be all-but-official in St. Louis. While it won't get nearly the press that A-Rod gets, the Antonelli move will probably have more of an effect (albeit an indirect one) on the White Sox. Rick Hahn should remain as Kenny's #2, and the Indians lose their #2, their second front office departure of the off-season.

* * * * *

As first brought up by Jim at SoxMachine, Phil Rogers seems to say that there are whispers surrounding the White Sox and Coco Crisp, which would seem to be a good fit. I'm on board the get Coco bandwagon, as long as we're just shipping off spare parts and/or lower-level prospects (Shelby and Masset/Aardsma/Oneli/Russell, for example). It's obvious that Boston is going to get rid of him to make room for Ellsbury. There's no reason to give up anything of substantial value in the process.

* * * * *

Flipping channels tonight, I caught a glimpse of The Legend at an NHRA event. Well, I didn't see all of him, just his disembodied head floating in one of those over-the-shoulder pop-ups you see on the evening news. In case you were wondering what he had to say, "Schilling doesn't throw 300MPH." Did anyone else see this? Was he wearing a 2005 World Series Champs hat? I couldn't tell since it was on backwards.

And in other news: Kenny busts a move on the dance floor! (wiz)