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Second Season :: Round 1 :: Day 1 -- UZR edition

BTW, here are a couple stories:

Baseball America has the Carolina League Top 20 Prospects List. There's only one White Sox guy on the list and it's the last entry:

20. Kyle McCulloch, rhp, Winston-Salem Warthogs (White Sox)
The organizational review has McCulloch on the "Slipped a Rung" section:
Kyle McCulloch, RHP: McCulloch certainly looked impressive with Winston-Salem, at one point winning four consecutive starts through the end of June. But he went 0-2 in his last six starts at Winston-Salem, posting a 5.60 ERA in 27 1/3 innings. Still, he got promoted to Birmingham and fared no better, going 1-2 with a 6.41 ERA in six starts. The Southern League hitters batted .333 against him. He finished the season by going 1-4 in his final 12 starts combined, posting a combined ERA of 6.00. He won only one game after June 27.

The Rafael Santana story, says that Danny Richar will play winter ball at La Romana. La Romana's team is the Azucareros del Este, also called Los Toros del Este.

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