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What's your '07-08 off-season plan?

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Because I'm currently lacking in creativity -- In a recent email to Jim, I said I could barely support a VH1 reality TV show with my current creative output -- and because I'm curious as to the different directions each of you would take this club, I'd like to hear your plan for the White Sox off-season were you the ultimate decision maker. Try to be realistic.

I'll put out my USSMariner-style (told you I wasn't creative) detailed, sanctioned off-season moves post by the end of the week. I encourage Jim and the recently awaken Jeeves to do the same on their respective blogs.

Also, there's a new poll. Assuming Ozzie Guillen is out -- He's too much of a Baseball A-Lister right now -- which current White Sox figure would make the best VH1-style reality show?