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Second Season :: Round 1 :: Day 4 -- Beach Boys edition

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More on Ozzie's Razor Burn:

Guillen implied Shines' replacement must adapt to changes in spring training that include a station for bunting and hit-and-run plays to improve the fundamentals that were lacking during the Sox's 72-90 season. Guillen said he would look inside and outside the organization for replacements.

A strong candidate is Jeff Cox, who served the last two seasons as a third base coach in Pittsburgh under recently fired manager Jim Tracy. Guillen and Cox were coaches on the 2003 Florida Marlins team that won the World Series and have remained friends.

Guillen said he wants a coach who stresses and is able to work more on baserunning than did Shines. "Baserunning, situational hitting, because we was real poor about that, any situation hitting ... ," Guillen said. "First and third, have to push that from begin. I want us working on that from the beginning. We have to have that in mind, if the ball's hit anywhere, got to go."
So, Ozzie says the problem is fundamentals like bunting, hitting-and-running, baserunning, situational hitting. Award-winning player development ladies and gentleman...
In other news,