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Just a generic sales pitch meeting

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[Joe Cowley]:

The Sun-Times has learned from two sources in the Sox' organization that Williams plans to meet with Minnesota Twins free-agent center fielder Torii Hunter in the next week. While the Sox are not able to discuss years or salary with Hunter at this stage, Williams will be offering Hunter his best sales pitch about how he would fit in and the benefits of joining his division rivals. ... Williams also is expected to meet with Rowand soon, but considering the familiarity between the sides, most of what needs to be discussed likely has taken place.
BTW, we get the following gem later in Cowley's article:
Also on the Sox' immediate radar is shortstop and leadoff hitter David Eckstein. In fact, getting a feeler from Eckstein might be the reason the Sox have not made an announcement about picking up their $5 million option on shortstop Juan Uribe. A source indicated that the Sox likely will pick up Uribe's option either way and that he might be a possibility at second base or even third base if the Sox decide to part ways with Joe Crede before he becomes a free agent after the 2008 season.
Huh? Is Cowley trying to debunk his own words?

And, as SSH2005 pointed out, the Yankees may indeed be interested in Joe Crede:

Regarding A-Rod's old spot, the Yankees and White Sox have had preliminary discussions about Joe Crede, a righthanded-hitting third baseman coming off back surgery. With Josh Fields ready to take over at third in Chicago, the White Sox could look to deal Crede, who hit 30 home runs in 2006.
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