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Handicap the Sox CF options

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Scot Gregor calls Sunday's Sox-Hunter meeting call Sunday's meeting "due diligence on the Sox' end" and handicaps the Sox CF options:

Coco Crisp: 4-1

Bill Hall: 5-1

Aaron Rowand: 6-1

Torii Hunter: 15-1

Jerry Owens: 16-1

Corey Patterson, Mike Cameron: Pass

Brian Anderson and Ryan Sweeney: 25-1


In other news,

  • Jim reminds Gregor of the great Fuku and examines the other CF options too. Speaking of the great Fuku, Keith Law ranks him as his #10 on his Free Agent Top-50 list and expects him to sign a three-year, no-arbitration contract. Law, also, considers The Legend "a good fourth outfielder who's about to be paid like an above average starter."
  • Will the Reds take the place of the Sox in their AZ spring training facility, thus leaving the Sox free to move to their new site?
  • Coletti intends to trade for a starter. Kenny!
  • WU, stop reading now (highlight at own risk!) : Bruce Levine says that the Flubs are preparing an offer for Carl Crawford. rumor shot down