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Trick or Treat, you decide

Whether or not you choose to believe the claims about who he is or who he works for, the discussion raised by a (supposed) member of the White Sox new minor league guard over at SoxTalk is well worth reading. Though, I don't know how excited we're supposed to get over a talent evaluator from the Orioles. That'd be like getting excited about a new minor league pitching coach from the Pirates. Oh, wait.

The discussion centers on our rookie leaguers, so consider this you "Better Know a League" post that I promised and never delivered.

Reading and responding to the post has killed the better part of my afternoon, during which I had planned to outline my off-season plan. Since my sister is due to show up at my door in the next hour, I doubt I'll be able to get to it before Sunday. I'm just like the Sox promising something (We're gonna win in '08), delivering something else (losing '09-'10).

There's also a video (mms), on the main page of of Egbert and Sweeney, but my Firefox just upgraded and needs a restart, which I suspect is the reason it's not launching for me. Update [2007-11-2 17:35:32 by The Cheat]: Turned out to be a puff piece on the current AFLers.

Speaking of trick or treat (wiz):
Trick-or-treaters who arrived at the suburban home of Jim and Andrea Thome on Wednesday received a special surprise, as the couple handed out full-size candy bars, autographed by the prolific slugger.