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Not so fast Mr. Cowley says Mr. Hunter

[Scott Merkin]:

Reports out of Chicago that Hunter could soon make Chicago his home as the team's marquee free-agent acquisition might be a bit premature. Citing sources from both the White Sox and from Hunter's camp, the Sun-Times reported on Monday that the two sides could be signing a contract within the week.

Hunter didn't exactly second that notion in a text message to late Monday night. "Not true," said the affable All-Star when asked to confirm Monday's news.

... A meeting with Hunter and Texas general manager Jon Daniels took place at the home of Rangers owner Tom Hicks on Monday night. The Sun-Times article referred to a source stating the climate was right for Hunter to sign soon with the White Sox unless another team comes in and blows away Hunter with an offer. And judging the tenor of Daniels' e-mail following Monday's meeting, he sounds as if there's hope that team could be Texas.

"It was a good night -- talked baseball and continued to get a feel for each other," wrote Daniels in the e-mail. "I expect both sides will take some time over the holiday, and revisit things afterward. "In the meantime, [Hunter's agent] Larry [Reynolds] and Torii are going through their process and we're continuing to look at all ways to improve the organization," Daniels added.

I share Mr. Daniels' feelings [that the destination could be Texas]! And there's Ned too:
The Los Angeles Dodgers are also looking for a center fielder, and general manager Ned Colletti acknowledged interest last week in Hunter, Aaron Rowand and Andruw Jones. Juan Pierre played center field for the Dodgers last year but would likely be moved to left to make room for a more accomplished defender.

"We're curious to know what their interest level is in playing here and what it's going to take to get them here," Colletti said last week. "They're all accomplished, and all bring something to the table."