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Anaheim re-union? Texas homecoming?

Will any other members of the 2007 Sox squad join Jon Garland in Anaheim?

Before Angels fans get upset with Reagins, let me be the first to report the whispers he is interested in bringing back shortstop David Eckstein and outfielder Darin Erstad, fan favorites from the 2002 World Series champions who are both free agents.
Any interest in Pods?
The Rangers might have interest in outfielder Scott Podsednik, who was let go by the Chicago White Sox on Tuesday, but he is far down their list. Podsednik was originally drafted by the Rangers.
Will Andruw Jones sign a 1-year deal?
Free agent center fielder Andruw Jones has told some of his friends that he'll only take a one-year deal if it's his last option. His agent Scott Boras says that won't be an option.
What's Kenny planning?
Chicago White Sox general manager Kenny Williams wants to deal another veteran starting pitcher: righthander Jose Contreras. The White Sox have lefthander John Danks and righthander Gavin Floyd set for the final two rotation spots. Righthanders Lance Broadway and Jack Egbert, along with lefthander, Gio Gonzalez are close, too.
And in other news,
  • MetsBlog says the buzz around baseball suggests that Japanese free-agent OF Kosuke Fukudome is seeking at least a three-year, $30 million contract.
  • Jimmy Prado on his favorite baseball team.
  • As larry pointed out, the Sox signed Jason Bourgeois to a minor-league contract.
  • And Jim looks at the OC trade, and bids farewell to Jon.