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Kenny's new plan

Kenny on his plans after failing to get Torii:

"We have a Plan 1 and 1A and 1B and then there is Plan B," Williams said in a telephone interview.

So where is he now?

"Plan 1B," he replied.

Does that include getting two outfielders or one?

"If we get the right guy, just one," Williams said.

Dave van Dyck and Mark Gonzales think that's Aaron Rowand.

And Kenny's comment on the unannounced Linebrink acquisition:

While not commenting on Linebrink, Williams did say that "we're really right on track to get the guy we targeted from Day 1 of [the off-season] and the year before."
When Kenny's wants someone, he gets him. It may be 5 years later, but he gets him.

UPDATE: Phil Rogers writes:

Red Sox center fielder Coco Crisp has become a target for both the White Sox and Rangers after Torii Hunter's sudden turn to the Los Angeles Angels, but Boston isn't going to deal him unless it gets a quality catcher, left-handed-hitting corner infielder or right-handed setup man. Nothing is likely to happen quickly with Crisp, as GM Theo Epstein hangs on to the hope of using him in a package for Santana or Oakland's Dan Haren.