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2007 Community Prospect List: Results

Rk Player Name                   Pts
1. Fautino De Los Santos         147
2. Gio Gonzalez                  144
3. Jack Egbert                   109
4. Chris Carter                  105
5. Ryan Sweeney                  101
6. Aaron Poreda                   78
7. John Shelby                    63
8. Lance Broadway                 55
9. Jose Martinez                  49
I've only listed your Top 9. There was a 2 way tie for 10th, but those players ranked 34 points behind Jose Martinez. There were a collection of 11 different players who landed on at least one persons ballot who do not appear on the final list. It's so hard to differentiate from prospects that far down the chain, that I just decided to truncate the list at 9.

DLS was the runaway #1, even though his point total doesn't reflect that. He was listed first on 10 of 14 completed ballots. Only a 4th place listing on one ballot, plus Gio being listed at 1 or 2 on all 14, made it close. Either way, they were the consensus 1-2 in the Sox system.

From there, little separated the next three, Ryan Sweeney, Chris Carter, and Jack Egbert, with Egbert's strong AA performance and Carter's 25 HR in Kanny outpacing Sweeney's youth and scouting report.

I'll include my own list in the near future. Hopefully, before Kenny makes the list even smaller with a foolish trade.