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Brian Anderson is totally thinking about going to winter ball. Totally.

[Mark Gonzales]

[C]enter fielder Brian Anderson is in no hurry to decide whether to play for Mexicali in the Mexican Pacific League. Anderson was to take live batting practice Tuesday at the University of San Diego for the first time since he injured his left wrist July 6 with Triple-A Charlotte.

"As of now, my health is good and I can't complain," Anderson said. "I just want to take this all the way to spring training."

I would think that nearly 5 months without facing live pitching would have one eager to get back out on the field in order to make the major league club. Wrist injuries can be tough. Dude.

Also in the article, The Legend is totally not sweating this free agent thing. Totally.

"I want to weigh all my options before making a decision," Rowand said. "Hopefully that team will make the decision for me."
...Rowand said, rubbing his fingers together suggestively.

Speaking of Rowand, it seems he wasn't plan 1B but plan 1A (wiz):

According to a Sox source close to the situation, Rowand actually was Plan 1-A this offseason, and the Sox contacted him before they started talking numbers with Hunter to see if the sides were in the same neighborhood. They weren't even in the same area code. While no details were offered, preliminary talks with Rowand did not even get past the number of years. In other words, the man who patrolled center field like a Rottweiler for the Sox from 2001 to '05 likely will remain a memory in the minds of Sox fans while he entertains possible offers from the Texas Rangers and Los Angeles Dodgers.