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Kenny Williams says "It doesn't have to be a center fielder."

Kenny on his shopping list going to the Winter Meetings says enough teams will provide matches for a trade but:

"It doesn't have to be a center fielder. We can stay with [Jerry] Owens in center field. We still have Ryan Sweeney. We still have Brian Anderson. We may choose to go the left-field route, or we may choose to move one of those guys to left field and plug in a center fielder. So we've got a lot of flexibility."
Kenny, also, gave some details of his prior attempts to get Scott Linebrink:
Williams said he nearly acquired Linebrink from San Diego in July 2006, but the Padres wanted third baseman Josh Fields.

Williams pointed out that Linebrink's 3.55 ERA in 27 games last season with the Brewers was a "blip," adding that he drove to Milwaukee to scout him and came away impressed.

"He has that plus fastball," Williams said. "He has sink."

Any hope the Linebrink fastball is real and not like the Masset velocity?

UPDATE: Speaking of Linebrink: "His contract includes a full no-trade clause." I thought it was some limited 6-team no-trade provision. No, his name isn't Mark Buehrle.