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Kenny has a plan

Joey Cora will remain White Sox Bench Coach. Pirates to name John Russell Mananger.
He's putting the band back together:
With so many needs, Ken Williams won't stay under the radar this off-season. In fact, the White Sox's general manager believes he's in position to pull off a trade, perhaps as soon as this week at the annual general manager meetings that start Monday in Orlando.

"I have a definite plan," Williams said Friday in a telephone interview while en route to an Arizona Fall League game. "The one challenge is our free-agent list and how much we can afford and how those players fit. But once those dominoes start to fall, things will start to fall quickly." Williams gave an emphatic "yes" when asked if he can make deals before Nov. 13--the first day teams can make financial offers to free agents.

Furthermore, Williams said Josh Fields' permanent position for 2008 would be revealed shortly, which could be predicated on a trade. "It will all be resolved soon," said Williams, who wouldn't share any hints.

In other news,
  • Jim gets a dispatch from East Dakota: Don't Pursue Mr. Hunter.
  • Do power hitters see fewer fastballs? Yes they do.
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Bill James, promoting his 2008 handbook, lists the top 50 young talents in MLB as well as an organizational young talent ranking. Those with little-to-no service time seem to be excluded, which could change the list somewhat, though probably not in the White Sox favor.