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Did you know that Oneli has 12 fingers on his hands?

Spiderman has nothing on Oneli!

Reliever Antonio Alfonseca might not be the only 12-digit pitcher in the majors next year. Oneli Perez, the White Sox's Double-A closer last season, leads the Dominican Winter League in saves and could win a job in spring training. Must be the extra finger on each hand.

How would you have proceeded with your day without knowing this?

How about some nickname suggestions?
UPDATE: In other news,
  • Jim looks at the Fukudome-Bay rumor. Speaking of The Great Fuku, Mark Gonzales spoke with a veteran international scout and heard good things: "Fukudome is a quality bat. A line-drive, double-RBI type hitter with dependable defensive skills. He would be a good acquisition for either club." MLBTR has a review of the Fuku rumors.
  • BTB, BBTF, and BA on the Milledge trade.