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A couple rumors

MLBTR says the Sox have a strong interest in 34 year-old Japanese right-handed reliever Yasuhiko Yabuta:

Yasuhiko Yabuta - Yabuta, the right-handed set up man for the Chiba Lotte Marines, is probably best known for striking out A-Rod, Derrek Lee, and Johnny Damon in the 2006 World Baseball Classic. The Chicago White Sox need a set-up man and are rumored to have a strong interest in Yabuta, who has racked up 86 holds and a sub 3.00 ERA over the last 3 years for the Marines despite not panning out as a starter. [Note: the Red Sox are said to have a working agreement with the Marines, also.]
Wikipedia agrees: "Japanese media reported that the White Sox has a strong interest in him. (Oct 2007)." Rotoworld too. Must've slipped under the radar.
And Kenny says he has no interest in Miguel Tejada:
Among the potential suitors -- teams that have holes on the left side of their infield -- most appear to be focused in a different direction from Tejada. The Chicago White Sox haven't decided whether they will exercise shortstop Juan Uribe's option, and third baseman Joe Crede is coming off back surgery and is reportedly a target of the New York Yankees to replace Rodriguez. However, asked today about the possibility of acquiring Tejada, White Sox GM Ken Williams said he had no interest. Williams was one of the most aggressive suitors for Tejada last season, offering the Orioles veteran starter Jose Contreras and pitching prospect Gio Gonzalez for the shortstop, according to a source.