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CenterField rumors

No Fuku?:

The Padres are facing determined competition from the Cubs for Japanese outfielder Kosuke Fukudome. Growing indications yesterday had the Cubs willing to guarantee Fukudome close to $50 million. The Padres have offered more than $10 million per year, perhaps well above that amount, over at least three years.
MLBTR says Fukudome really wants 5 years, and the Cubs are having an internal debate about stretching their offer to 5/65.

No Legend?:

The Giants are further along in discussions for free-agent outfielder Aaron Rowand, having spoken to his representative several times since last week's winter meetings. But it wouldn't be out of character for Giants General Manager Brian Sabean to strike late and fast on Fukudome.
Hello Mike Cameron? Ryan Sweeney? Alexei Ramirez? Corey Patterson? Kenny Lofton? Jerry Owens? Brian Anderson?
In other news,