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Kenny Williams outsourcing White Sox GM duties

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Well, not really but it's a funny headline. Here's Bobby Jenks:

"There are still things we can do to improve, whether it's getting that Japanese outfielder (Kosuke Fukudome), or trading some of our younger guys for maybe (Pittsburgh outfielder) Jason Bay," Jenks said. "One of those types of moves are still there. Until spring training starts, anything can happen."
Big Jim was more realistic:
"We're in a division where obviously Detroit got a lot better and Cleveland as well," Thome said Tuesday. "The key for us is when we come to spring training ... we have to be serious from Day 1. We have to be ready, focused and understand we're in a division where we can't have a whole lot of lapses during the year."
So what's Kenny's plan?:
"If I ever leave this job or if I ever get fired," Williams says, "I'm not coming back to the American League. I'm going to the National League. You've got a fighting chance over there."