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Kenny Williams batting .750

Kenny has hit 3 out of 4 targets. It's the last target that gives Kenny problems:

Williams set out to achieve four personnel goals when the White Sox offseason began, determined to not let what happened to the South Siders during the 2007 season transpire again. Three of those targets have been hit dead on, but the four misses on target No. 4 -- a new outfielder -- have caused the bulk of the public consternation.

"We wanted to upgrade at shortstop, get a setup guy for the bullpen, acquire Carlos Quentin -- and not a guy like him, but actually Carlos Quentin -- and address our center field position," Williams said. "So, we are three out of four, and generally, you feel good about three out of four. But I'm not satisfied. The bottom line is there are a couple of things we haven't gotten done, but it's still a work in progress."

...The White Sox will continue to look for a center field upgrade via the trade route, with Coco Crisp a possibility, hinging on Boston's ability to acquire Minnesota ace Johan Santana. Williams also cautioned that the White Sox are not in dire straits at this position, with Jerry Owens showing the ability to be a catalyst in the second half of last season.

Where the White Sox fans' current disdain is concerned, Williams understands the passion and frustration coming from putting your heart and soul into a team. He will accept the responsibility, even with the prevailing thought that three-fourths of his offseason plan has been accomplished, and continue trying to improve the White Sox.

"Lost in it all is the fact that we still have a nice balance with young guys combined with All-Star-type players. We still have a pretty darn good baseball team," Williams said. "If the Tigers hadn't done what they did, I don't know if we would be facing some of this."

"It's not a good day for us, obviously. But I'd say we must have done something right, built up some sort of credibility, for a long period of time to have so much passion -- even at a time that I'm largely the guy it will fall upon."