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Don Cooper is mad

That MVP belongs to Big Frank:

"If you're not guilty of something, you're the first one yelling about it. This is a guy standing up for himself and saying, 'I might be a lot of different things, but I'm not a cheater.' He should be commended for that. His numbers shine even more, and it cost him a third MVP. I'd be ticked off, too, if I worked my ass off and a cheater stole it from me at the finish line. What the report says is that Frank stood up and said, 'Wait a minute, it ain't me.'"
In other news,
  • Before trading Chris Carter for Carlos Quentin, the Sox were ready to send Carter to the Rangers for reliever Akinori Otsuka. After reviewing Otsuka's medical reports though, the Sox killed the deal. And yesterday the Rangers non-tendered Otsuka.
  • Check it out: White Sox Cards.
  • Hot Stove: The Royals acquired 2B Alberto Callaspo by sending RHP Billy Buckner to Arizona. -- Luis Vizcaino signed a 2/7 deal with the Brewers or the Rockies. Geoff Jenkins is down to the Phillies and the Padres. -- The Astros are interested in Mark Prior. -- The Phillies are interested in Akinori Otsuka. -- The Padres are talking to Mike Cameron.
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