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Desperately Seeking a Shortstop

From Phil Rogers' 'Give a 3-year extension to Orlando Cabrera' column:

The White Sox have two shortstops coming, but both are a long way off. Virginia Commonwealth's Sergio Miranda was a steal in the 2007 draft but ought to get at least two more years to develop as a hitter. Then there's manchild Juan Silverio, who signed with the Sox last summer as a 16-year-old. He's got an intriguing package of talent but probably wouldn't be ready for the big leagues before at least 2011 or '12, when a long-term extension for Cabrera would be ending.
With them [Cunningham and Carter] out of the picture, outfielder Jose Martinez and Silverio, the manchild shortstop, become the two position-player kids to watch. Martinez flashed his skills in the Appalachian League last summer after playing in the Venezuelan Summer League as a 17-year-old in 2006. He's a five-tool talent with a lot to learn. Silverio received a $600,000 bonus to sign last summer, the most the White Sox have ever given an international player. He's got a quick bat, strong arm and a ton of game but could wind up as a third baseman, not a shortstop. In trying to restrock a weak position, the White Sox signed two other teenage shortstops from the Dominican. Alexander Adame and Daurys Merecedes will probably play in the Dominican Summer League next year.
In other news,