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White Sox Holiday shopping list

The new guy, Jaryd Wilson, over at The Bard's Room has a few suggestions for the Sox Holiday shopping list:

With the Holiday season in full swing, I thought I would write my inaugural column about what the White Sox need to have on their Holiday shopping list. Here's what should be on the list:

#3) A second baseman ... top choice: Marcus Giles

#2) A starting pitcher ... top choice: Shawn Chacon

#1) An outfielder ... top choice: Corey Patterson

My choices would be Richar at 2nd base, Gio/Egbert as starter, and Ryan Sweeney at the outfield (Center). I'd be OK with Mike Cameron at center too. We need a 2B backup though right? Can Tony G do it? BTW, as most of you know too well, my ideal CF choice would be Brian Anderson but the odds of an Ozzie-Brian reunion don't look good. How does your Sox Holiday shopping list look like?
In other news,